I created a new Reaktor ensemble „Glitschko“. It is a multi-effect device that combines several typical glitch effects such as highpass filter, lowpass filter, bit


I just wanted to make a usable, straightforward FM synthesizer that can be easily fumbled around with to create sounds. Also, it would be nice


TetraPat is a MIDI pattern sequencer especially designed for use with the hardware synhtesizer TETRA by Dave Smith. Features: – Pattern sequencer (max 32 steps)


UniPat is a universal MIDI pattern sequencer for any hardware synthesizer compatible with CC or NRPN data. Features: – Pattern sequencer (max 32 steps) –


UniSeq is a universal MIDI sequencer for CC and NRPN data. Features: – 4 main sequencers with 5 sequence tables each – Individually variable length

Orgon S

This classic subtractive synth is based on two highly sophisticated analog oscillator models by Robin Davies and Gabriel Mulzer, respectively. A special stereo signal processing