TetraSeqTetraSeq is a sequencer for Dave Smith’s analog hardware synthesizer TETRA. It should also work with Dave Smith’s Mopho, except that the Mopho has only one voice. Chances are it also works with Dave Smith’s Prophet 08.

– 4 main sequencers with 5 sequence tables each
– Individually variable length of sequence tables (max 16 steps)
– Adjustable global Shuffle amount
– Predefined controllers (CC and NRPN)
– Sequencer data can be shifted back and forth
– Copy and paste of sequencer data
– Additional controls include Tune, Gate duration, Gate threshold, Envelope Sustain, and Oscillator glide
– Convenient control of Master Tune, Multi-mode and Audio Out
– Individually enable/disable subsequencers and select MIDI channel, program and bank
– Sequencer data is stored within snapshots
– Scale mapper for pitch sequencer data
– Prelisten entered notes
– Rescale sequencer table

– Updates:
– Added a „Scale Mapper“ for applying scale maps to the pitch sequencer
– Added „prelisten“ and pitch display to aid entering of notes
– Added rescale fader to each sequencer table
– Added a „panic“ button to kill hanging notes
– Added „Init All“ to inititalize the whole sequencer

– Fixed: Inexact readout of mouse position for certain sequence lengths.
– Changed: „Gate Duration“ as target instead of „Gate Length“, and correspondingly „Dur“ instead of „Hold“ at the controller knob.


– Enable Info View to get help for individual panel elements.
– Remember to first select one of the 4 main sequencers
– Right-click or right-drag in a sequence table to set zero values.
– The sequencer data is stored within the snapshots, so you can freely edit them without overwriting sequencer data across snapshots. If you create a snapshot for each sequence pattern to be used in a song, you can then select the sequence patterns from within the host sequencer by using MIDI Program Change commands.
– You can copy and paste sequencer data across snapshots easily using the global buffers in the top right corner.
– Only the visible data in the sequence table is shifted, copied or pasted. Thus, by varying the length of the sequence table, you can shift, copy or paste parts of the sequence.

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