I created a new Reaktor ensemble „Glitschko“. It is a multi-effect device that combines several typical glitch effects such as highpass filter, lowpass filter, bit


Mit der Software „InteractivePhysics“ kann man Dinge frei zeichnen, die sich dann bewegen, runterfallen, aneinanderstoßen. Ich hab mal ein paar Kettenreaktionen gebaut (Filme). Das verrückte


I just wanted to make a usable, straightforward FM synthesizer that can be easily fumbled around with to create sounds. Also, it would be nice


TetraPat is a MIDI pattern sequencer especially designed for use with the hardware synhtesizer TETRA by Dave Smith. Features: – Pattern sequencer (max 32 steps)


UniPat is a universal MIDI pattern sequencer for any hardware synthesizer compatible with CC or NRPN data. Features: – Pattern sequencer (max 32 steps) –


UniSeq is a universal MIDI sequencer for CC and NRPN data. Features: – 4 main sequencers with 5 sequence tables each – Individually variable length