Shark 5

Shark 5

Shark5I wondered how the waveform generated by a capacitor would sound. It should be both smooth and sharp, because it has the shape of a shark fin. One could never get such a shape from filtering the traditional square, pulse or saw. I programmed a core module that integrates an arbitrary one-dimensional differential equation in real-time, and fed it with the parameters of a capacitor circuit. Out came an oscillator that, combined with one standard oscillator and two special filters, sounded really ELECTRIC. Indeed, it is almost impossible to have this synth produce some natural sounds like flute or so. But I like that. Maybe you too…

Version 5.2:
+ fixed unexpected behavior: Ensemble snapshots differed from the instrument snapshots (the latter included the same names but was corrupt). I copied the ensemble snapshots (one by one, urgh) to the instrument snapshot bank, emptied the ensemble snapshot bank, and set the instrument as master. Now the snapshots are shown in the host and new snapshots are stored in the instrument (and not in the ensemble). This should avoid grief, anger and confusion. (Note: you may want to check the „Linked“ option near the snapshot source selector, if necessary.)

Version 5.1:
+ fixed a bug that caused Shark to sound somewhat dull when in legato mode

Version 5.0:
+ Polyphonic mode can now be activated in GUI
+ Revamped modulation section with improved routing
+ Improved Glide + Legato
+ Analog monophonic keystroke style (in monophonic mode)
+ Bugfixes
– Only 1 LFO
– Higher CPU load due to polyphony

The Shark is now polyphonic, but it sounds as great (or even greater) in mono, so those who don’t need the poly feature can decrease the number of voices to 1, as in previous versions, to reduce the CPU load. The new old analog mono keystroke style (some call it „legato“ but that’s not quite appropriate) is very nice for trillers, particularly in combination with the glide function (poly must be switched off). Please report bugs or ask me if something is unclear or misleading.

Hope you enjoy the new version!

PS: For those who own Novation Automap to control their gear with the corresponding hardware (SL MkII), I have included an automap template in the zip file.

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