inFiltrator 2

inFiltrator 2

inFiltrator2Synthesizer for creating unusual sounds and soulful distortions

The idea is to first generate a relatively simple waveform, expand its complexity by the multiplier and then attenuate individual frequencies by the filter bank. A downstream P52 filter, master envelope and chorus give the sound a final polish. A manual is included in the download.

The heart of the inFiltrator are two musically highly effective (but surprisingly seldom used) modules:
a wave multiplier and a filter bank. Both are extended implementations of the Doepfer modules A-137 and A-128, respectively.

Usage of Dual Knobs:
Click-Draw in the center region to modify the inner knob (main parameter). Left and right regions are for the outer knob (modulation amount). Double-click in either region resets the knob and value to its default.
Right-click the little squares below the knob to invoke MIDI Learn. The left square is for the inner knob, the right one for the outer.
(Feature Request to NI: Please enable MIDI control of Mouse Areas, analog to XY-Fields!)

– Andy Wilmer for inspiring discussions. (He’s a genuine modular freak!)
– Daniel Scholz, whose Reaktor implementation of the A-128 was the basis for my filter bank.
– Anonymous for the dual knobs which I further adapted to my needs. (His/her original ensemble „ontotheham“ is not signed, unfortunately)
– Don Dailey for his terrific snaps (check out the separate bank included in the ensemble!).

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