InFiltratorI wanted to make a synth that lets one play more the Jimi-Hendrix way, with distortion but also with Blues. To get the feel, assign some controllers and let your soul fly to Voodoo land while pressing keys and tweaking knobs.

The heart of the inFiltrator are two musically highly effective (but surprisingly seldom used) modules:
a wave multiplier and a filter bank. Both are extended implementations of the Doepfer modules A-137 and A-128, respectively.

The idea is to first generate a relatively simple waveform, expand its complexity by the multiplier and then attenuate individual frequencies by the filter bank. A downstream P52 filter, master envelope and chorus give the sound a final polishing. A manual is included in the download.

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Usage of Dual Knobs:
Click-Draw in the center region to modify the inner knob (main parameter). Left and right regions are for the outer knob (modulation amount). Double-click in either region resets the knob and value to its default.
Right-click the little squares below the knob to invoke MIDI Learn. The left square is for the inner knob, the right one for the outer.
(Feature Request to NI: Please enable MIDI control of Mouse Areas, analog to XY-Fields!)

– Andy Wilmer for inspiring discussions. (He’s a genuine modular freak!)
– Daniel Scholz, whose Reaktor implementation of the A-128 was the basis for my filter bank.
– Anonymous (maybe Jonathan Style) for the dual knobs which I further adapted to my needs. (His/her original ensemble „ontotheham“ is not signed, unfortunately)
– Don Dailey for his terrific snaps.

Update 1.1:
– Poly now should work (see issues above). But keep an eye on the CPU. I’ve tried my best to optimize this synth, but still…

Update 1.2:
Included Don Dailey’s snaps in a separate bank (and added some little variations). Check it out!