You Are

You are a smashed raw egg on a stone
You are getting fried by the sun
It won’t be long until you’re done
Somebody will have you for lunch
That’s all

Take now this cigarette I lit
Taste now the smoke upon your lips
That’s exactly what you are
You’re a drop within a star

And it’s no time to lose
And it’s no time to lose
You will be evaporated
So fast

You are an occasion in the heap
You are being sold for too cheap
and before you get to see
What is all there to be
You’re sold out

And when the fire has burned down
Slowly extinguished on the ground
I will wait till it’s over
I will wait till it’s over
Then I’ll stand up and I’ll fade into the night

You are holding worlds in your hand
You are touching any grain of sand
It’s only time to look around
And to see that you have found
What you are

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