Hey, what’s the voice I hear?
What’s the time of year?
Who has brought me here?
Is it anyone I know?

This is not my home
I am not alone
Would you say your name
Won’t you tell me who you are?

Lift the secret, let me see
Any reason why I’m here
Is there something going on
Or is it that I’m

Thrown into twilight zone
I don’t feel my bones
Guess I have to float and now I see your face

I won’t bother you
I’ll be your lover, too
I can agree on this, yes, but I long for more

So this will be my home
So I won’t be alone
For now I know your name
And everything will change and never be the same

All around me there is light
Even black is kind of bright
And inside I hear a song
But wait, there’s something wrong

I can’t follow you
I’m stuck inside this room
When I touch your face it feels like you are gone

This cannot be true
This cannot be you
Someone’s playing games with everything I feel

I know what’s going on
Now don’t get me wrong
I know what you do
I’m inside of you

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