The Rain

We heard the rain
right before it came across our way.
„We’ll run to the sun!“ I said and I took her arm.
We’ve run in the rain,
but it didn’t hurt ‚cause we knew
there’s so much more, so much more…

We thought both of us that summertime could never pass.
Though we saw outside the rain was falling any time.
I said „I’ll take a shower“, I got off my clothes and went outside
and you came after me and it was fun,
but it’s not anymore.
We did never think that we would get to know
what it’s like, what it’s like when all the rain will never go.

There’s rain inside my eyes,
there’s rain inside my mind.
I never left my girl,
I never left her really.
There’s someone who depends on me,
someone who won’t easily
forget my name and my life,
let my soul go around,
go around,
go around,
go around…

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