Blue Frosted Sky

Deep in the blue frosted sky
I held my view up high to let
My eyes feel
What it means to be
Kind of endlessly free

They told you all your life
That you had to realize
That you were bound to something
You could never see
That your decisions are
Determined as your actions are
That will is nothing of your own

They tried to hold you down
Surround you by a golden sound
Of soothing voices
That made you lead their lives
And so you’re feeling sure
For every sickness there’s a cure
But fear is growing
And will not be healed

The time is passing by
As I let my visions fly
Into the deep frosted blue
Of the sky
Forget eternity
For long ago it passed away
Here comes reality
Her fingers touching me so cold

I let my eyes turn back
An ache is in my neck
But I don’t mind
I’ve seen the endlessness
And now my late breakfast
Is waiting for me.

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